Lab/Pitt mixes

by mi
(Seattle WA)

I recently adopted a beautiful Lab/Pit from the Humane Society and couldn't be happier with her... Now however my apartment wants proof of her breed, and I am learning fast NO apartments will take her. This should have been addressed at the adoption? I feel like we were tricked, now I am attached to this harmless pup they are saying is a "dangerous" breed. We live in the Seattle area and need to rent a place that allows her, any ideas?

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Jan 05, 2010
Finding a Rental for Lab/Pit Mix
by: Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond

Hi Mi,

This is a tough one and you are not alone with this issue. Landlords do not want breeds that are considered "dangerous."

Yes this should probably have been discussed initially with the Humane Society. Once you have become attached to your dog there is no turning back.

I have a couple of suggestions, they are not "A" answers but here they are...

You may have to rent a house rather than an apartment. Be honest about the breed. If anything happens it would mean trouble and also if the landlord finds out you could find yourself without a home or will need to get rid of your dog.

I have heard that owners of what are considered dangerous breeds can have it added to their house insurance (renters and owners) and as long as your dog has never bitten and isn't listed as dangerous (your specific dog) it should not be a problem. State Farm apparently does this for a minimal charge and I am sure other insurance companies do also. Whether this will satisfy a landlord, I do not know.

Beyond this I do not know what to tell you. What I can do is ask my newsletter subscribers if they have any suggestions. The next issues goes out in a week or so. I will direct them to this page for comments.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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