Labrador Dog Climbs on Roof

Labrador Dog
One afternoon I received a call at work from my husband, informing me that he received a call from Animal Services. I asked him what was going on, and he said something that I never thought I would hear...that my 50 lb., 1-1/2 yr. old chocolate lab mix, Chester, was on our roof!

Sure enough, while at home alone, he had (out of the blue) climbed up the stairs, and out the window that I had left open about 6", and had spent the afternoon sunbathing on the overhang to the garage. Luckily, some kind door-to-door salesmen rescued him and put him back in the backyard. Crazy! chocolate lab The Labrador Retriever originally comes from Newfoundland where fisherman used them on their boats to retrieve the fish. These days they are widely used as dogs for the blind and in police work.

The Labrador is considered the most popular breed of dog (by registered ownership) in the world. They are reliable, obedient, easy to train, fun loving, adaptable, reliable, easy to train and have a very stable temperament; it is all these qualities that make them a very popular dog, in work situations and as the family pet. Labrador Retrievers respond well to praise and positive attention. With training,the Lab is one of the most dependable, obedient and multi-talented breeds in the world.

The Labrador dog is loyal and good with little children. They also make good show dogs.

As for grooming, their coat should be brushed once a week and a bath when necessary.

This breed is prone to hip dysplasiaicon and as pups should not be exercised for extended periods of time until the age of 12-18months.

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