Large Dog Crates - Makes Housebreaking a Snap!

Large Dog Crates should be sturdy, well constructed, and safe. While this is important for all dogs, it is even more so with a large or extra large dog. Besides safety, there are some other points to consider. The intended location and use, (eg.will you be crate training), the function and features that you expect the kennel to fulfill, and the size of your dog. Select a dog crate that best suits your needs.

Large dog crates come in various designs and you may choose from soft dog crates, plastic dog crates or wire dog crates. It is a matter of personal preference.

Portable Dog Crates

If versatility is important, wire crates, plastic or soft dog crates may be purchased in the portable versions which collapse and have carrying handles for ease of travel and transport. This will allow you to use the carrier in your vehicle, outside on the porch or patio, inside or on vacation.

If you are planning to travel by air, big dogs are not permitted in the cabin; your only option is the cargo area. When pets travel in the cargo area, a large plastic airline pet carrier, that has been airline approved, is required.

Soft Dog Crates if Your Dog is Not Over 70 lbs

If you are considering a soft dog crate, it should be made from a strong, indestructible fabric and be water resistant. The corners and connection points should be reinforced with a durable, zippered door that is escape proof. Additionally, the entire crate should be easily cleaned. If your dog is over 70 lbs or is a chewer, a soft crate will not likely be an option.

Dog Crate Covers for Wire Dog Crates and Home Decor

If you will be placing your dog's large crate in a main area of your home, you may opt for a dog crate cover to match the decor. The covers come in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics that will transform your dog's crate into a nice piece of furniture. Your pet will also enjoy the privacy it provides.

Whatever style you select, it should be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. If your big dog is still a pup, and you choose a plastic or wire crate; select the larger adult sized kennel, plus the appropriate divider panel to help size the cage while she grows.

Recommended Guide for Sizing Your Dog's Crate

There are Many Benefits You and Your Big Dog Will Receive from Your Large Dog Crate

  • solves behavioral problems - excessive barking, chewing, scratching and nervousness
  • safe outings and travel - lessens the risk of getting lost, hurt or interfering with the driver
  • traveling in crate - your dog will feel more "at home" in her own crate
  • eliminates personal or household items from being soiled or chewed when left alone
  • comfort, safety and prevention of bad habits or unwanted behavior when left alone
  • makes housebreaking easier and faster
  • avoids having young children or other pets teasing your dog
  • a place your dog can retreat when tired or stressed
Dogs are naturally den creatures. Large dog crates will provide a comfortable and secure home for your best friend that will help satisfy the "den instinct" inherited from ancestors. Once your puppy becomes accustomed to the large dog crate, he will love it!


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