Large Dog Houses - Ideal for Large Breeds

Large dog houses do not necessarily mean you need really big structures. The perfect doghouse is not too big and not too small. Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around inside it. Anything larger will not hold in the heat and anything smaller will be uncomfortable.

If you have a big breed of dog, like a Great Dane, Collie, Labrador, German Shepherd or a Saint Bernard, the best thing that you can do is to provide your best friend with a doghouse to call his own. All dogs and large breeds in particular, need their own breathing space. Every dog that is outside at least part of the time needs, deserves and truly appreciates having a personal place to relax.

When your large or extra large dog is outdoors he will need protection from the elements. He will need shade in the summer, sturdy walls and a roof to keep out wind, rain, and snow during the cold months.

Dog houses have come a long way in design and durability. The pre-fabricated houses are easily put together and come with many options such as insulation, air-conditioning, heating, raised floors and you can choose from wooden cedar dog houses or plastic. Some dog houses come with flaps to keep out wind, rain and snow. Most are easy to clean and last for years. Many large dog home styles and designs are available to conveniently suit your budget and preference. Choose from designs such as, the barn, chalet, pooch manor or the traditional dog house.

chalet dog house

If you want to take dog house ownership to a whole new dimension, doggy mansions are available and they really take the phrase "You're in the Dog House" to a new level.

For your dog's optimum comfort provide a bed inside your dog's home. A cedar filled bed is perfect for the outdoor dog house because it repels fleas and ticks. The cover should be easy to remove and machine washable.

When choosing a large dog house for your best buddy, comfort is #1 and the next consideration is a structure that looks attractive in your back yard. You are sure to find a dog house you that will be perfect for both you and your pet and it is only a click away.

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