by mick sykes

is there a spary or a cream you can buy to stop him licking a open wound

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Oct 12, 2008
Dog Licking Wound
by: Donna -

Hi Mick,

I do have some suggestions for you:

  • For wounds in certain areas, bandaging the wound may be all it takes. By covering the wound, your dog will not have easy access and may stop licking. Unfortunately, for many dogs, the presence of a bandage will encourage them to lick even more. These dogs don't want anything on their skin and will lick and chew until it is off. Since you did not go into detail of the problem, this may or not be a consideration, you know your dog.

  • The most commonly used and usually effective measure is a collar that fits around the neck and will prevent your dog from having access to the area. The Pet Botanics E-Collar iconis one that I recommend so that is another option for you. It is a safe, lightweight collar that will keep your dog
    from licking, biting and scratching wounds, irritated areas or surgical sites. Adjustable for comfort and a perfect fit.

  • Some dogs with a mild compulsion to lick may respond to the application of bitter tasting products to bandages covering the wound. Some products can even safely be applied directly to the wound. "Bitter Yuck"icon is one you might try, it is a water-based spray which prevents licking and chewing, is an alcohol-free formula and will not sting like other chew products. Spray evenly on hot spots, summer itch, wounds, sores, bandages. Do not spray around eyes but it may be sprayed over medication. This product has a 100% money back guarantee.

I hope this has been helpful. Good luck!

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