My dog Jimmy


"Jimmy my adorable pet"

I have a five year old white Pomeranian dog named Jimmy. I brought it from one of my friend whose dog had given birth to two male puppies. I received permission from my parents and bought the puppy when he was four months old. Jimmy's birthday is on June 7th.

Since we are vegetarian, until now I have not given him non vegetarian food.

He never bites anyone and is very fond of playing ball.

Jimmy is very alert in the night and no one can dare to touch our gate at night as all are afraid of him. Even if anyone opens the gate he starts barking continuously. The only thing he is afraid of is crackers. When he hears sounds of crackers he goes and hides under the bed.

Whenever we go shopping he also accompanies us and sits in the car. He is very fond of apples and loves to eat it.

He is a very lovable dog and he is my best friend. I love Jimmy very much and when he is there I feel safe, even if I'm alone in the house.

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Mar 12, 2010
"A Great Companion"
by: Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond

Hi Sucheta,

Thank you for sharing your dog Jimmy with us. He sounds like a wonderful companion and he is beautiful.

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