My Sweet Dog Buzo....

by Sarosh

Since my childhood day's I was very fond of dogs as I used to feed and play with them a lot.

We had an "Alsatian dog" called "Buzo"- who understands all of my instructions. I do play with him a lot, whenever I am free.

One day, I had to go out leaving our dog at home alone. I was supposed to return back the same evening, but due to bad weather, I was unable to return that day. I was really upset as Buzo was all alone without food. Thinking about that, I was unable to get proper sleep.

The next morning when I arrived home, "Buzo" was acting crazy and was jumping all around me happily. I haven't seen him so happy in all my life.

I bought some food for him and started playing with my dear Buzo for a long time.

Since then I have never left Buzo alone for more than a day. I love him a lot and it is my life.

Whenever my relatives or friends come home, they do praise Buzo a lot for his good behavior and I am proud of him.

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