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Natural organic dog food has gained in popularity in recent years and for good reason. There are many ingredients your beloved pet may be subjected to that are not in his best health interests. Big box brands are low in nutrition and high is sugar with a lot of ingredients you may have trouble recognizing.

Natural dog food, premium dog foods or natural organic dog food are readily available now and what you feed your dog can affect your best friend’s energy level, immunity and susceptibilities to allergies. A better quality balanced diet will also result in a healthier coat, fewer digestive problems, firmer stools and your dog may have less need for supplements for optimal health.

According to most veterinarians, a dog is what he eats. Many dog owners have fed their pets supermarket brands that had the best bargain at the time, believing the claims and promises made by these pet food manufacturers. Today, being much more informed and selective. Pet owner’s are finding less health issues with their best friends since choosing to feed them natural organic dog food.

There are many pre-packaged select brands of natural organic dog food choices created by smaller companies that you will not find on the shelves of your local supermarket like Karma Organic Dog Food that is holistically balanced for complete nutrition and made with over 95% organic ingredients including free-range chicken. Seek out natural pet supplies stores and natural pet food stores. The other option is to make own dog food. This is make easy by adding meat to dog food mixes

Dogs not only love meat and need the protein but they are natural carnivores. Because of their domestication they are capable of eating certain fruits and vegetables, but meat (not meat by-products) should be the number one ingredient listed on dog food labels.

Look for natural food which is certified food grade meat. Otherwise meat that is used to produce commercial dog food is generally classed as "4-D." The four "D's" are diseased, disabled, dying or dead animals that have been received at the slaughterhouse. This is not meat acceptable for human consumption and I don't think it is food you want to be feeding your dog.

Here are some of the toxins and contaminants your dog may be ingesting...

  • antibiotics and drug residues
  • dyes
  • molds
  • preservatives
  • pesticides and herbicides
  • heavy-metal contaminants
  • wastes from slaughterhouses - including fecal waste
Some of the Typical Ingredients listed on Commercial Dog Food
  • Meat or meat based - this may also include blood vessels, sinew, organ meats, tendons and other animal parts.
  • Tallow - a rock hard fat that most dogs find difficult to digest
  • Meat By-Products - this can often include animal organs, bone, blood, fatty tissue, brains, feet, heads, intestines, noses and stomachs. The by-products are not necessarily healthy, they can contain diseased tissue and parasites.
  • Fiber - could come from whole grains and vegetables, but it could be hair, newspaper or peanut hulls.
  • Carbohydrates - this could be nothing more than a sugar source.
  • Animal Digest - meat tissue that has been broken down by chemicals.
  • meat meal dried animal digest - the dry by-product of rendered meat. All animal parts used including glandular wastes and fetal tissues. It is heated and then the liquid is separated from the dry meal.
  • Poultry By-Products - These are the cleaned, ground parts that must come from the chicken and can include feet, heads, intestines, necks and undeveloped eggs.

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Dog Treats

Many canine treats have a lot of sugar and this is not the best for your pet. There are many healthy treat that your dog will love, like

Zukes Z-Filets which is an all natural, chewy treat made from USA beef, prime venison or chicken. Free of by-products, artificial preservatives or colors.

These all natural bacon cheddar dog treats are a great special treat for your buddies.

Doesn't your canine friend deserve the healthiest diet possible? Natural organic dog food is just pure, wholesome food your pet will love.

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“I don't eat anything that a dog won't eat. Like sushi. Ever see a dog eat sushi? He just sniffs it and says, "I don't think so." And this is an animal that licks between its legs and sniffs fire hydrants.” ~ Billiam Coronel

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