Orthopedic Dog Beds - Ultimate Comfort for your Aging Dog

This orthopedic dog beds lounger combines the benefits of dense memory foam comfort and style. orthopedic dog lounge Great for older dogs with joint problems. The cozy bolster sides will be enjoyed by younger dogs. Available in several sizes and colors and covers are removable for machine washing.

Orthopedic Beds provide maximum support and are typically constructed with medical-grade orthopedic egg crate foam cores and sometimes box-springs. Typically a foam orthopedic dog bed or pad will have a foam core of at least four inches to as much as seven inches to help reduce stress on pressure points like hips. Depending on your dog’s age and health he may like or need a bed on the thicker end of the range. A good quality, high density “memory foam” will bounce back to shape as soon as your dog leaves it.

Aging Dogs and Benefits for Many Ailments

They are built to protect and provide added comfort for older dogs, those with arthritic joints, large dogs and dogs that are overweight. If you have a pet that is recuperating from surgery or and accident, or one that is handicapped, they will also benefit from a high loft dense foam bed.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative joint disease. More common in large breed dogs, but can also occur in medium and small breeds and in dogs of all ages. It is thought to be a genetic condition. If your dog has this condition an Orthopedic dog bed would be perfect for your ailing friend.

Arthritis in Dogs

Although Orthopedic beds do not slow down the progression of arthritis, they do distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on joints, keep your best buddy warm and his bones well cushioned. You may notice that your dog will seem less stiff and more comfortable making it much easier to get up in the morning!

Many Orthopedic Styles and Fabrics

Select from bolster dog beds, round, rectangular, traditional beds, mats, pads, dog couches sofas and loungers. An array of colors and fabrics are available. Look for a comfortable, durable fabric and one that is washable such as fleece or micro suede and an easy to remove cover. Small, medium and large dog bed as well as extra large as available in this design to accommodate all breeds.

Consider a heated dog bed, they can be very therapeutic for your pet and melt those aches away. The heater is located within the orthopedic foam. Ideally the temperature should be 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature and warming to a cozy 102 degrees when your dog lies on it. Features should include: a removable heater so that it can be used summer or winter and for washing, UL and CUL listed and dual thermostats.

Consider a heated "ORTHO THERMO-BED" and get a enthusiastic tail wag from your four legged friend.

orthopedic heated dog bed Make sure the bed you choose can support the weight of your pet. An orthopedic dog bed has unbeatable comfort and is only a click away.

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