Portable Dog Crates make Transporting and Traveling a Snap!

Portable dog crates are great when you are going on vacation, day trips or just for a visit to the vet. If your dog travels in the car with you often, portable dog kennels are ideal. Just collapse or fold and carry these lightweight crates with the convenient handle provided. Transporting a regular kennel that is heavy and bulky is not the ideal situation. Dogs travel very easily in portable kennels, just select one of the dog crate beds and place it inside the so that your furry friend will be cozy and comfortable.

Dog Crate Styles

folding dog crate Crate construction comes in three basic designs, metal, plastic and nylon mesh. Your selection will be a personal preference but look for one that has good ventilation, sturdy construction, no hassle to fold up or down, stores easily and is minimal effort to clean.

Browse both the soft and hard portable dog crates, there are so many styles and variations available and look at the Champion Side by Side Dog Crates or Midwest Crates, both are not only very popular choices, but sturdy and durable as well.

Dog Travel Carriers

Steel Door Carrier folding dog crate It is a breeze to set up with built-in wheels and a pull handle for easy transport. Additionally, this carrier has a waterproof bottomed, plush comfort pad, good ventilation, a vinyl carry bag and the convenience of a top and front door. This makes a perfect travel crate.

A Dog backpack is another portable option and some not only fold but will convert to wheeled carriers for a very convenient way to easily transport your puppy.

Consider the portability of a puppy playpen. The playpens are easy to fold down and will accommodate your dog at home or away.

Portable dog crates can of course be used while at home for many uses, dog house training, a private place to rest or sleep and confinement for your puppy until he is trained to abide by the house rules. If your dog is outdoors, the crate is easily moved to the backyard. When it is not in use, the kennel can be stored in a closet.

For you and the "dog on the go," this is the perfect solution.

Traveling with Dogs from Portable Dog Crates
Dog Crates

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