Puppy Playpen - Treat Your Dog Well

A puppy playpen will provide your dog with a safe environment to play but also a comfortable and warm shelter that they can call their own. It is a great place to train your puppy to chew on its own toys rather than on your things and like a play pen for small children, you are able to watch your doggy while you are busy.

As well as a play and training pen, puppy play pens can also be used as whelping pens, providing a secure secluded place for a female dog to birth her pups.

There are a variety of features offered so you are certain to find one to suit your needs. Most are light weight and portable and fold down for easy storage. Available in hard or soft frames that will accommodate small to medium size dogs.

When choosing a puppy play pen there are many features to consider -

  • easily cleaned
  • sturdy construction
  • side and top opening
  • removable tray
  • durability
  • elevated floor
  • water resistant
  • reversible pad
  • protective corners

Select a playpen from brand names you can trust with great features and exceptional functionality - Petgear, Midwest, Dog Digs and Jeep.

puppy playpen

PETGEAR - compact and lightweight - ships free!

puppy playpen

JEEP - made by the leading manufacturer of pet products!

puppy penthouse playpen Penthouse Playpen

Dog Digs - sturdy and reliable

MIDWEST - where you can always be assured of quality!


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