Rescue Dog Adoption - “The Dogs In My Life And The One Who Saved It”

Rescue Dog Adoption - Part 1
Written by Susan C. Bagwell And Copyright 2009

Why do the dogs we love most spend such a short time in our lives giving us the unconditional love we find no where else? I can remember my dogs, their personalities, eating habits (virtually all the same), sleeping quarters (my bed)and especially the greetings I received when I arrived home. Those wet, slobbering kisses I loved so much. As the years passed, I remember all the boyfriends, fiancées and one ex-husband who had come and gone. But not my dogs! They were always there.

My present husband of twenty five years loves dogs and suggested that small dogs would be best. Over the quarter of a century of our married life, I have brought home an Old English Sheepdog (Waldo), a Border Collie (Foxy), a Belgian Shepherd (Buddy), a Collie/Shepherd-mix (Mugsy – my heart) and our current baby (Khan), our 90 pound German Shepherd.

I think my husband Al has been wonderful about the few pounds difference in the size we had originally agreed upon. His flexible manner and love of animals has been the foundation of our past and thriving kennel as well as a loving marriage.

After Mugsy passed away I was devastated. I am certain other pet owners experienced the very same grief and pain when their beloved pets passed away. Of course there is always one that tugs a bit more at your heart strings. That was Mugsy.

The day after Mugsy passed away I walked through the house hoping to see him running through the house and sliding down the hallway. But no Mugsy. That was Monday. By Thursday I thought I was going to lose my mind. I called my friend Geri. She is a dog groomer, a good friend and provider of all my rescue dog adoptions. She said she had some puppies and a beautiful German Shepherd and told me to come down to her shop immediately.

When I arrived at Geri's shop, all I could think of was how my beloved dog Mugsy and I had walked through the doors for baths, nail clipping, Christmas toys and Sunday adoptions. I prayed this visit would bring another pet into my life. I had survived from Monday to Thursday without Mugsy. I couldn’t wait any longer for a pet to love and share my life with as I had with Mugsy.

Geri greeted me in her usual manner, blow dryer in one hand and hug with the other. She mentioned that the rescue dog adoption puppies were around the corner and that I should take a look. My eyes however became fixed upon the German Shepherd on her grooming table His face was quite dark with piercing eyes that looked as if his lashes had been painted with mascara. When he smiled at me as I approached he seemed to light up the entire room. He was the most beautiful Shepherd I had ever seen. As I moved closer he licked my face and I melted! It was love at first sight. I never made it around the corner to see the puppies. Continued...

Khan With His Toy

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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.~Roger Caras

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