Rottweiler Outsmarts Owner

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Submitted by Evelyn - Eddington Country, USA Rottweiler

My first dog as a young adult was a chubby bear cub of a Rottweiler puppy. I named her Samantha or Sam for short. She's kept me laughing over the years, even if it did take me awhile to realize how funny her antics were. One of my favorite stories involves potty training her. Sam is a smart dog and was a smart puppy. I'd taken off of work to spend our first week together. I'd feed her and then rush her outside to let her do her business. Things went well. Once I went back to work I didn't have the luxury of constantly watching her. The first time I found a little puddle, I put her nose near it (never liked the idea of putting noses in it) and spanked her. Two more spankings for puddles followed that day. She seemed to have the poop outside thing down. The next day there were no puddles, nor the day after that. I was so proud of her and please with myself. I can remember glowing with pride as I looked over at her laying across the air conditioning grate napping. As I adoring watched her sleeping, she woke up. I was in another room and she didn't see me. Unfortunately I saw her stand up, hunker down and pee right into the air conditioning vent . . . Guess she figured out if there wasn't evidence, she wouldn't get spanked.



Train Your Rottie in Half the Time...

A large, strong, muscular dog and impressive looking. This is a guardian breed and as maturity takes place the rottie will naturally feel it is her duty to protect you, your family and your possessions/property. They are an intelligent, awesome dog so they are very easy to train but you must start their training and socialization at a young age due to their protective nature.

Rottweilers need almost two hours for exercise on daily basis but they do well in apartments too.

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The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog.
~Ambrose Bierce
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