The dangerous puppy training - Gerbaud CAPPOEN

by Gerbaud Cappoen
(France, Boulogne billancourt)

We have lost our Yorkshire simply because our puppy, that we have tried to train, has eaten the layer that we had placed for him to teach how to do his business.

In fact we have read that we must teach our dog to go to a specific place inside the house. In an attempt to be more efficient when it will be possible to take him outside.

Thanks to this stupid advice, we bought a layer where there is a wire all around. We left our dog DOKY alone during the morning, as usual. When we came back, the poor dog had puke all over our flat. we believed that he was just sick but, little by little, after some visits to our veterinary we just had the option to begin surgery with Doky.

It was 3:00 AM when the surgery ended and in fact Doky has eaten the wire parts of the layer !!

Please, my advice to puppy trainers...never never use layers. Just teach your dog to go directly outside.

We have had our heart broken when DOKY died because he has been too small and too thin to support the recovery after the operation.

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May 16, 2010
Bad Housetraining Advice
by: Donna -

I am really sorry about your puppy. I know how broken hearted you must be.

There are some very good litter boxes for dogs if you want to train indoors, but it is not advisable to have a product that can be chewed through by a puppy. Most puppies like to chew. I seems that you received some bad advice.

House training a dog to go indoors is not something we recommend. In some cases I know it is not possible to take your dog outside, but at some point you will need to do this and it simply means double work so it should probably be done right away.

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