Traveling with Dogs by Car - Safe and Stress Free Travel with Your Pet

Traveling with dogs can be enjoyable and rewarding. There are several things to consider before you hit the road. Safety, comfort, travel items for your dog, a medical check-up and identification are just some of the things that will make for a positive travel experience.

Prepare for Traveling with your Dog

With a little bit of preparation traveling with pets can be relatively stress-free. There are four key considerations. Introduce your dog to the car well before your trip, if he is not accustomed to riding in the car. This is to prevent your furry friend from becoming over excited. If motion sickness is a concern, make sure he does not eat several hours before the trip and limit his water. Immediately before you leave, take your pet for a walk or a run and try to wear him out a little.

When traveling with pets make sure they have an ID tag or some means of identification securely affixed. Many dogs every year end up in shelters because they are lost while traveling.

To Do List Before Traveling with Dogs

  • Update your dogs vaccinations.
  • Treat your pet for fleas and ticks.

    dog and vet

  • Bath and trim to reduce the shedding in the car and where you will be staying.
  • Clean ears to decrease opportunities for ear infections.
  • Trim nails to protect tearing furniture and bed linens.
  • Visit a veterinarian for a check-up.

Safety on the Road

While traveling with your pet, your dog should be secured for his safety. If the car needs to stop suddenly your pooch could by injured. Additionally, this is to prevent driver distraction. You have various options to restrain your dog. Some canines prefer the dog seat belt or travel harness method because it is the most like a leash, something the dog is already familiar with. The option that provides the most space for your pet would be a dog car barrier, a structure made of netting or steel that sections off part of your SUV or station wagon. Mesh barrier partitions secured between the front and back seats of sedans are also available. For a small doggy, a dog car seat may be ideal. If you already have a crate or carrier, you may want to use that. Make sure your furry friend becomes accustomed and comfortable with restraint before beginning a road trip. Make Traveling with dogs an enjoyable experience.

To make the journey easier, remember to keep your dog comfortable. Make frequent stops to allow your dog to stretch his legs and relieve himself. When he is in the car, give him something familiar to chew on or to play with. If he has a favorite blanket, bring it along. Feed your dog at his regular times.

What to Bring for Pet Traveling
(bowls, first aid kits and some grooming supplies are available in the travel versions).

  • portable dog bed
  • bowls
  • water
  • food
  • leash
  • photo
  • blankets, towels
  • grooming supplies
  • first aid kit
  • plastic bags
  • vaccination record and proof of rabies shots
  • license
  • Id tag
  • dog travel carrier
  • favorite toys
  • medications that may be needed

If you are going to be taking your dog camping in the outdoors you may want to take a look at the a dog sleeping bag for your best buddy to snuggle in.

Supplies for the Traveling Pet !

Now you are good to go. With just a little bit of planning, traveling with dogs can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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