Unique Dog Beds - Pamper Your Pet with a Specialty Dog Bed

While many choices are available to accommodate dogs of any size. Unique Dog Beds will mean different things to different people, your taste, style, or color preference really doesn’t matter; the ideal specialty dog bed is out there to fill the needs of both you and your unsuspecting puppy.

Large and Small Dog Beds in Various Styles and Designs

No matter what type of bed you select for your furry friend you are certain to be amazed at the number of unique beds to accommodate canines of any size. You may get more than you bargained for. With the many selections, deciding on the perfect dog bed could be a bit of a challenge. Give Your Dog a Lift with a Sofa or Lounger

High rise beds are a leading trend for dogs and their owners which lift your dog off the floor with soft foam padding to sleep on. Dog Sofas, couches and chaise loungers are the ultimate in luxury as are the canopy and wooden or wrought iron dog beds which come in many styles, colors and fabrics and fillings.

Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave

dog bed # Washable polycotton cover
# Cosy sheepskin pocket design
# Sturdy brass zipper
# Inside liner filled with spun polyester and cedar
# Three sizes to choose from
# Snoozer products are "Made In America"
This bed features"Odor Adios", a carbon-activated fabric used to absorb pet odors.

Donut or bolster beds are another option. Comfort that forms around your dog’s body keeping her nice and warm through out the night.

Personalize your dog's bed with her name or initials. A monogrammed bed is an excellent way to add a unique quality.

If you like to take your best friend with you on vacation, look at the travel dog beds that fold up for convenience. Sleeping bags and tent beds are also ideal for travel or browse through the huge selection of designer travel mats.

If you have a chewer in your home, an indestructible dog bed may be the answer. Although some dogs will destroy any bed no matter how tough it is, the chew resistant or chewproof dog beds are very durable and attractive as well. You may choose the mat or pad designs or the raised dog beds.

More pet lovers are realizing the need to provide a healthy resting place for their pet. Eco Beds may be an excellent and unique dog bed choice. Keeping your dog's environment safe.

Most beds are easily cleaned, moisture resistant, stain and odor resistant and will accommodate dogs of any size. While a great looking bed is important, of equal importance is your dog's comfort, ease of getting on and off the bed, good support and size (make sure there is lots of room for your pet dog).

A huge assortment of unique dog beds await you and some that are out of the ordinary and beyond the traditional for properly spoiling your faithful friend and one that is sure to fit your home decor.

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