Wire Dog Crates - a Popular Choice For Dog Owners

Wire dog crates are a popular choice. They are designed primarily to keep your dog both safe, contained and will provide an effective tool for crate training your puppy.

Advantages of Wire Cages

A wire dog crate has several advantages over plastic or soft dog crates. They are usually made from steel, making them durable and sturdy. Unlike plastic kennels, a wire enclosure provides good visibility and ample ventilation for your pet, which is especially helpful in warmer weather or humid climates. The removable pan on the bottom of the crate makes it easy to clean.

Dividers are often offered with the purchase of a wire-style crate giving you more versatility, creating just the right amount of space for your dog when he is a puppy and the space can be increased as he matures, eventually removing the divider altogether. Dividers are also useful for housing two smaller pets in one space.

Finishes on metal crates include black epoxy, zinc or chrome finish, plain galvanized metal or painted white, which will compliment any décor. To further enhance the decor, dog crates covers are available in various sizes and colors, transforming the kennel into an attractive piece of furniture. Matching soft dog beds and bumper pads are also available for added comfort and safety for your furry friend.

Drop Pin or Collapsible Crates

You have the option of the popular portable dog crate, or a more permanent kennel for your puppy. Portable wire enclosures, collapse down to the size of a suitcase for easy transport or storage. Generally these come with carrying handles for convenience. Drop pin dog crates are especially designed for a more permanent set up and tend to be sturdier than the folding styles and come in sections that are fastened securely with pins. Drop pin dog crates are available in sizes to accommodate both small and large or extra large breeds.

Quality is the key When Selecting a Wire Crate

Look for these features: (1) rounded corners to prevent injury to your dog (2) the bars should be spaced close enough to keep your furry friend's head and paws from squeezing through (3) slide-bolt latches for security (3) an independent pan-stop to allow pan removable with the door closed (4) and top openings for convenience.

A wire dog crate is a great choice for you and your furry friend, to crate train or for a cozy comfortable place of his own.


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